Spring 01 | Wednesday, April 4

While fetching the mail around noon today I started to notice Spring. The green grass and the flowers mostly. Then I looked to the top of a flowering tree and noticed how the sun highlighted white blooms. Very nice. I came back into the house, but couldn’t stop thinking about those highlights. I grabbed the camera. I’ve been gone from it for far too long.

Interestingly, it was what I saw when I looked down into a puddle that caught my eye again. I saw the reflection of the flowering tree towering above. Awesome.

I shot both views of the tree as well as some others … welcome Spring.

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Autumn 11 | Thursday, Dec 15

Temperature is so odd. When I went out this morning to take these it was very spontaneous. Still dressed in my night clothes of flannel pants and a t-shirt and slippers I went out for a good 10-20 minutes and documents the melting snow. The sun was shining directly on me the entire time and I felt pretty comfortable. This afternoon, however, more fully dressed to go out for a walk, I felt colder than before. Perhaps it has much to do with blood circulation.

Sparkly snow always mesmerizes me …

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